Saturday, January 15, 2011

From Son To Husband

Was I eating something? Was I cleaning my teeth???

I mean really? I'm not mad at her, what is wrong with me??
I guess that some of us are just not meant to be photogenic. I can browse through my friend's Facebook photo albums and sure enough if I'm there, it looks like I am sleeping, or eating or wish I was somewhere else. And if I KNOW my pic is being taken, it looks even worse.

As you look at the photos above you may be able to understand why I am not really begging my son and his new wife to hurry up with the OFFICIAL wedding pics. I want very much to see their loveliness but I am dreading what will be put online with my name under it.

♥ ★ ♥
In other news, Hubs and I had our first dinner at my son and daughter-in-law's little newlywed apartment last night! As Hubs hung up the phone, we just grinned at each other and I said, "I can't believe our son just invited us to dinner at his home!". Even as we drove there it felt surreal and sweet.
We walked in to a crazy mess of a place because the moving company had delivered all their belongings from Texas the previous evening. They have been here since January 1st, just camping out in an empty apartment! So Writer Son and Sassy Bride were thrilled to finally have their wedding gifts and furniture around them. 
But they had been busy and most things were put away as they proudly opened cupboards and closets to show us. I helped Writer Son clear the dining room table off and set it for our first dinner in their own home. Sassy Bride was spinning around the tiny kitchen whipping up a delicious meal. 
It was so cute to hear them work together.
"Hey we can use the bamboo place mats!"
"Where is the box of silverware?"
"No, here let me chop the onions."
W.S. kept opening boxes and telling me how much he loved the bowls or the dish towels inside. He held up a dish scrub brush that looked like a colorful daisy and commented on how great it was! This is a whole different side of my first born that I have never experienced before!
As we ate the yummy meal he said he never knew that getting practical house stuff could be so fun. Hubs shook his head and said, "Wow, you really took a sharp turn from buying comic books to buying a couch huh?" Ha! I pretty much just sat there and smiled a lot.
I did not really know how to help or to sit and be served. When I began to take my dirty dish to the sink, they both jumped  up and said, "No, it's our turn, you guys sit and be company ok?" So cute.
Writer Son and Sassy Bride really do compliment one another. Where one is weak the other is strong and they seem to be very aware of their differences and how they complete each other. I loved watching them together in that little cozy place. 
Hubs and I drove home in silence as we wondered about this new place we are in with our kids. It's a strange and unknown land and hopefully we will figure out how to be what they need without being more than they need.


  1. Our oldest daughter has been married for two years now and I remember the first time we went up to their new house. It is different, but it is also wonderful to watch them start their life together! You are going to have so much joy from all of this!

  2. What a sweet post. Nice to know you raised them well even though you wondered many times I'm sure. I know I did. And as for your pictures, with a smile like yours there are no bad pictures. Very nice.

  3. This is funny and brave, showing your pics! I agree, mine are crazy looking too? I look forward to the day when I can go to my kids home for dinner! Nice

  4. You've done a good job momma!

    Don't worry about the pictures. Hopefully, everyone will focus on the bride.

  5. Major milestone, and passed without a hitch. The way you've described the dinner is so endearing.

    As for the pictures, you look contemplative. Yes, that's it; contemplative. Thoughtful. In a kindly way.

  6. Everytime I read about your sons, your new daughter and your feelings as a mother it really warms my heart .. and inspires me for times to come.
    Lovely post :)

  7. Ooh, I love that last line!!!

    And about your do not look like you are eating or hating the bride. You look like you are thinking. And I'll bet that you almost always look like you are thinking, camera or not. That's because you are a THINKER, girl! If you are not talking, you are probably pondering something and being an internal genius.

    You know it's true. So you can either take flawless pictures or live inside your head. I think the latter is much more interesting.

  8. It's funny how one day you're holding a daisy scrub brush saying, "I love this thing!" because you absolutely adore the person in the kitchen with you. Then a few years pass, you have a few altercations, and you'd really rather throw the thing across the room because it's the ugliest thing you've ever seen. :)

    It happens to us all; it's how we handle the scrub brush that really matters. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it. But if we can be gentle with it, in Christ, then the scrub brush will be just fine. ;)


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