Monday, January 3, 2011

Pictures Are Not Words

Yesterday as I was changing the color on this blog, I also made the text section wider so that it would not be such a long skinny space for my words. But as I was looking back over my recent posts to see how it looked I noticed a disturbing trend.

I have been letting pictures do my writing for me. I am not one to set up lots of rules for my blogging. I learned a long time ago, before blogging, not to set up strict rules for journaling either. I just wrote in my journals whenever and whatever I wanted. I filled about three large baskets of journals over the years by just letting it be fun and not harsh at all. 

I know that lots of bloggers have certain days to write certain subjects, and goals are good, but like new years resolutions, they can also become confining and self-condemning. Why do that to yourself?

Having said that, I am not happy to see that I have been posting photos rather than describing my life and my observations to you. I love a post with pics, so that is not a bad thing, but it has become a lazy thing for me. In this new year I am promising myself that I will use words more than photos to share myself with you.

See my writing chair, in my writing room up there? It is my happy place. I do have to go to work most days of the week when I would rather be in that chair tapping away on my beloved Mac. I am already staying home from work on Wednesdays to write. Who knows what my schedule will be by the end of 2011. 

Today is the third day of a brand new year. I will be fifty-six next month. It is time to do things my way. And my way is the write way! Ha! I am such a witty one aren't I? On your mark, ready, set, let's GO into this new year our way!


  1. Well, given that a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes more effective than words, I wouldn't be too self-critical about pictures, if I were you.

    Of course, you are you, and I am not, so you can entirely disregard what I've written.

  2. Well your writing is fantastic, but I was checking out the pics in the post before this one, and that was a pleasure as well!


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