Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't Want To Throw Beloved Mac Against The Wall....

After two hours of looking online for a freelance writing organizer system and then creating my own and filling it in, I then somehow managed to not save it! 

So now I am taking a breather ( in order to protect my Mac!) and enjoying a delightful plate of orange-ness! (Cheddar cheese & orange slices) And of course, procrastinating by blogging about it to you.

Ok, back to work.


  1. What better people to blog about it to? We completely understand. That dish looks great. mmmmm.

  2. Oh, I can relate! My Gateway and I have a love-hate relationship as well! Oh, the times I've threatened to smash it's little brains out! :) I always figure it must have been something I could write over even better. Good luck and next time try chocolate!

  3. NO! NO! NO! Don't hurt your poor Mac. Really, it will do what you ask of it, unless it has been bugged.

    Just remember, regularly and frequently; "Jesus saves; I will, too."

  4. Actually I totally LOVE my Mac, just get angry at meself!

  5. Don't let my husband near it - it wouldn't survive!
    Thank you for dropping by and leaving me such a nice comment. It really does make blogging worthwhile to get up to such lovely comments.

  6. Hope your frustrations are better! We all have them....

  7. Ha! Thanks for the laugh. Enjoy your snack. I ate a toblerone for breakfast. I don't think that's going to keep me running for very long.

  8. Gah! totally relate, always good to take a snack break at times like this. Happy writing and have a great weekend! ;)

  9. I LOVE your plate of orange. :)


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