Saturday, November 14, 2009

Will Cook For Good Cause

You may recall the last time I proudly posted this photo of my guys. It was last Easter and I was extremely pleased with myself for actually cooking a holiday meal for my small family.

In recent years we have joined friends for the yearly special meals that are required of Christmas, Easter & Thanksgiving. With our extended family out of state & my strong dislike for kitchen duty, it just made sense.

But last Easter for some reason I had the grace to give it a try & happily it was a success. At least, I have not been told otherwise so I am going with that assumption! And now, with Thanksgiving fast approaching I am going for it once again, this time with some wonderful incentive!

Writer Son, the smiling one on the left, has a serious girlfriend & she is coming from out of state to join us!! I am so excited to have another woman in the house with me! I mean truly excited, to the point of telling myself to calm down. I don't want to scare her off. So I guess I won't mention that I am already wondering if I am at last going to be a grandma before I'm 80!

Today while Hubs was out for a motorcycle ride I added another leaf to the dining room table,(!!!!!!) and figured out what table cloths to use. I am like that cute commercial where the young wife is practicing her holiday meal before the family arrives. Not so young anymore....but still giddy and feeling like I am playing house.

I still dread the actual cooking part, but hopefully having Writer Son's adorable girlfriend with me will add enough spark to make it fun. I'll let you know how it turns out. Smoke detectors may need to be disconnected - Note to self.


  1. lol...come on, leave the smoke detectors adds to the fun...I should know..I set ours off a lot. I'm dreading the day when all 12 of them go off at once...I'm getting makes for LOTS of fun memories. I'm impressed with your pre-orgainization...of course becoming a grandma before 80 would be grand motivation. :o)

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