Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goofy Gift Ideas....

I'm really not sure where to
begin! I keep coming across some horrible & silly
gift ideas for this Christmas. The boy with the bread? Do you know a guy that age who would be smiling if he opened up such a huge package & found..........BREAD?! I think he may be ready to use that rolling pin!

Next we have the unique & creative furniture designed to look like computer keys. I am already
disturbed that my dreams are full of Blogger & Facebook images, must my household seats be all about computers too?

And last (for today!) but not least, this one will amaze you & possibly scare you a little bit. This is being modeled for you here. It is a bra that is designed to become a gas-mask in case of terrorist threat. Seriously! You can save yourself & someone with you (lucky someone!).

Now you can thank me for making your shopping list a lot shorter. Watch for more in the next few weeks!


  1. if i gave SOM bread for xmas Im sure the rolling pin would be used........

  2. Can you believe the bra??? (Hear me laughing...) And I couldn't agree more about the computer keys.

  3. The bra is the hands down winner! And with the current swine flu scare, it would be perfect to wear out in public!

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  5. Ba ha ha ha-the bra one totally made me laugh! sheesh!
    ~Naila Moon


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