Friday, November 6, 2009

Motorcycle Mama Again

No, I do not ever ride alone! I like to ride on Hubs bike cuddled up close.
But he wanted some pics of me on the bike. Or else he wanted pics of the new bike
& USED me as an excuse!

I am loving our second bike a lot! It is bigger than the Honda Shadow.
It's a Yamaha Roadstar & the second seat is way more comfy.
(Did I already talk about this?) Got a vague feeling I have.
Anyway, it will make longer rides much more do-able.
We have learned that we really need to get off & stretch or get a meal
every hour though. Otherwise being in the same position causes leg cramps & an overall
painful muscle situation.
Recently we rode an hour to a small town
& stopped for breakfast in a little diner!
It was perfect!

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