Monday, November 9, 2009

Ready, Set, Write!

I just spent about 4 hours writing! No, not little comments on FaceBook & Blogger, but real writing! Several posts ago I talked about an article idea I had regarding a family custom from my childhood. Since then it has been put off again & again or I've allowed myself to get too distracted with all of you lovely folk to begin actually putting my memories into words on this here laptop.

The fun part is that due to re-connecting on FaceBook with the cousins involved in the family memory, I have a new angle for the story, and every story needs a good angle. No, I did not say angel, though that would be lovely!

I do not know if this will get anywhere, and the "anywhere" I want is into a print magazine like my new favorite magazine "More". They have a great website that is interactive & they invite readers to send in stories. It may be possible that this is used to weed out the stories they like for their print magazine.

I love the writing process....once I sit myself down & get into it. I lose all track of time & space. What word is best? How can I make that sentence more smooth or funny? What picture does this paragraph paint?

I am now 54 years old. Many people would be thinking of winding down their careers or adventures at this place in the life time-line. But I still have at least 20 more years most likely right? A lot can & does happen in 20 years. I no longer have diapers, school principals or kids doctor appointments to keep. My house pretty much stays the way I leave it each day. (Pretty much! Still have a 23 year old here.)

I am a working woman but my time is mine to divide up as I desire for the most part. Going after this dream of being a writer is scary & daunting. But I believe that I have been talking & writing about it long enough, it's time to do it! Oy, I am scaring myself even as I type these words!! Hitting the publish button feels like signing a contract right now.....shall I hit it?


  1. In the end of the day life is about risk. Take that risk, go beyond your own limits and fly. So YES, hit that button and never look back!

  2. You were visited with an excellent idea


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