Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Walking Butterfly Blog,

I really need to apologize to you. I created you with love & care. Numerous hours were spent typing, dragging & talking to myself. I sat with my laptop, smiling one minute & grumbling the next! You have been my pride & joy. My secret indulgence that very few (extremely few!) knew about.

Please believe that I still adore you! I do! I still smile when I see you & I continue
to think of things to post on you as I go to sleep at night. WELL ACTUALLY....that last statement is not completely true & this is where I need to tell you the truth even though it is a difficult thing to say to you.

I have been seeing someone else.

It's not's me. I just needed something more, I'm so sorry. Here she is.....
Actually she is going to help me spend more time with you! But recently she has been consuming me. Miss MacBook is pretty high maintenance, at least until I get to know her better. To be truthful, she has kept me up very late at night & yes, I confess that I have even dreamed about her! I know....that must hurt, I'm so

But can't we live together happily? Can't I love you both? I do think we can live peacefully together. So I am apologizing for ignoring you lately. I have noticed sadly that my neglect of you has also dismally affected my comment numbers. That must be kind of embarrassing for you in front of the other, more popular blogs. Again, please forgive me & I will try to correct that in any way I can, ok?

Are we good now? Are we friends again? I hope so, because you are my link to the world wide web of interesting & funny people. Let's get out there now & you & I & Miss MacBook will send a flurry of words & pictures all over the place & see what comes back, ok? Do I need to get you some flowers or chocolates?


  1. Ssshhhhhh...don't tell but I would ditch my blogs in a second for a shiny new Miss MacBook!!! Yowza! Enjoy ... your blog told me she understands and will wait patiently for you to unite your two loves!

  2. You're funny...when my old faithful computer finally croaks...I'm going MAC...our two girls each have a MAC and LOVE them...they keep telling me I can figure it all out. :o)

  3. I think the chocolates would be best...I should do the same for my blog but for different reasons...I didn't pay my domain bill and had to get a new nobody knows where to find my blog...poor it is...

    Great post, Cindy

  4. I love my MacBook! Welcome to the MacBook world of blogging! Yay!

  5. I've never even met a MacBook. I just know I'd stray.

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