Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Fearless" A Book Review

I actually read this new book by Max Lucado some time ago & then did not get around to pulling this together until now. For some reason the book did not rock me as I had expected it would. I love this author because his writing is very conversational & full of stories to illustrate his message. But this book on being fearless did not show me anything really new. That may be because fighting fear is an old & ongoing battle for me. I have conquered so much over the years that the book may be old ground for me, but surely not for many others.

This paragraph sums up the main message of the book....

"As awe of Jesus expands, fears of life diminish. A big God translates into big courage. A small view of God generates no courage. A limp. puny, fireless Jesus has no power over cancer cells, corruption, identity theft, stock-market crashes, or global calamity. A packageable , portable Jesus might fit well in a purse or on a shelf, but He does nothing for your fears. "

We all know people who seem to focus on the many bad & horrible things that COULD happen. The nightly news is a major culprit to fear, that's how they get you to stay tuned beyond the commercial. This book addresses that & could be very helpful & freeing for fear motivated people.


  1. I just got this with someone in mind...I have actually never read any of his books...heard lots of quotes.

  2. I saw this as one of those available on the book review place too. Thanks for giving an honest opinion on it. Glad I didn't pick it too.


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