Saturday, November 7, 2009

Colorful Me!

I was so happy yesterday when it began to rain lightly, thinking it may rain all weekend. Most would not desire rain over a weekend but I loved the idea of being stuck in the house with nothing to do but......
play with my laptop of course!
But the rain was only for Friday. Today, Saturday is a gorgeous sunny & crisp day. So I cleaned & did laundry like most Saturdays (exciting huh?). Why my mind says that I need a rainy day to not feel guilty about playing with my computer? Don't know. It's not as if cleaning & laundry cannot be done on a rainy day too! Silly woman. For some reason it felt like a rainy day gave permission to sit around more. Really makes no sense I know.

But, as you can see I also found time to mightily overcome my fun-guilt & had some creative release playing with the iphoto portion of my Mac. Actually the 2nd pic has nothing to do with Mac, it is a website called "" & it is a riot to explore & experiment. (If you can get past all the nearly nude photo options! ha!)

.....And yay me! I recently went from 36 Followers to 40 just out of the blue, after months staying at 36!! Crazy but I like it! Welcome to this still unidentified themed blog, hope you enjoy & return & leave comments!


Hi Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment even if it has nothing to do with the specific blog, it's great to know that you are writing stuff that real live people actually read, ya know?