Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Comprende'

Our area had crazy strong winds whipping through here the other night & still a bit this morning.
Want to know how crazy the wind was?
There was a basket ball hoop & it's backboard in the middle of the street &
it is still there (now moved to the gutter) after two whole days of wondering where in the world
it came from.
No one has claimed it!

Some tiles are missing off our roof.

Some random trees are down,
and this.......

Our huge back fence is laying almost on it's side.
I am dreading the difficult conversation this will require.
Our new neighbors just moved in & were very sweet when I welcomed them,
but they don't speak any english, just Spanish.
Gonna be interesting!


  1. What a storm! I pray you and your family are okay.

    It's amazing what fierce winds can bring, carry away all in a matter of moments.

  2. lovely, i just added even more new emo backgrounds for my blog


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