Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Did It!!

It is a little after 5pm on Easter Sunday, our windows are open to let in the fresh sunny air, the neighbor is mowing his lawn & I am relaxing here in my blue & white chair. The first photo you see there at the top is an intentional documentation that I have actually prepared & served a full meal in our own home on Easter. It's sort of a little Easter Miracle around here! Everyone who knows me is aware of my hatred of cooking in any form. I haven't really cooked in years. Hubs & I are on our own most of the time & we both work so we go out for a big lunch & then snack at night.

For some crazy reason this last week I suddenly had a huge desire to create our Easter dinner without going to a restaurant or our friends' houses which we usually do. My family has been in shock as I told them one by one what I wanted to do. Hubs kept asking me as he watched me pull out the "nice" dishes, etc., "Are you having fun?". He was waiting for & expecting the traditional meltdown as I freaked out about every little detail. But what do you know? It seems that I truly have changed in the last few years as I keep claiming I have. It was no big deal. I didn't worry or get stressed in any way at all, it was just fun to prepare for a special meal for my guys.
It was all yummy too! Tada! Writer Son does not live with us & Rocker Son only sleeps here (most nights!) so it was a treat for me to watch them together & listen to their own personal brotherly humor. After having cheesecake for dessert they are now at a movie & will be back for leftovers later tonight.
Last week Hubs & I were out shopping & he came across a toy that we had given our boys when they were little. It was a rubbery bunny rabbit with wire inside so you could pose them any way you wanted. Those bunnies lasted longer than just about any toy they had & we never knew where or how we would find them! Refrigerator, toilet, car, on top of the TV? They showed up unexpectedly all over the place! So last week we bought two more of them & I wrapped them around their dinner glasses. Writer Son saw his first & laughed & had kind of a nostalgic expression as he picked it up. Later, when Rocker Son came into the room & saw his, he let out a really loud whhoop, grabbed it & cracked up. "Oh man, I loved these guys!" he said. So funny. As a parent you never know if your funny idea will be deemed funny to your kids & it feels wonderful when it works! Ha! So here is one of our little rubber bunnies........
Now the dishes are done, boys are gone, Hubs is watching TV & I am very satisfied with myself this holiday. Most of you actually feed your families nice meals everyday, I know that, so this may appear pretty silly to get all misty about, but I am proud of me & my loving & gentle guys. I am a blessed woman! I even talked them into posing for a pic of us together!! What an amazing day!


  1. I'm hearing a happy mom's heart!!!!

  2. I'm so proud of you! That is awesome. Those rolls look quite yummy. I am a big cook (double meaning there), but for once, we went out to eat. I've been so busy lately that I didn't even think about what we'd eat today.

    Love your long-haired hippie family...and I also love those bunnies. I've had lots of fun with my own.

    I'm proud of your boys for taking a picture with you; you need lots of those. My mom was pretty bummed today because none of her kids were with her. :(

  3. what a great story Brenda- i too am NOT a fan of the kitchen duties and only indulge when i really have too- great images- truly uplifting xx

  4. Congratulations! It sounds like a beautiful day. And I love how your boys still got excited over the bendable bunnies. (I love those too!)

  5. That looks like a great Easter and congrats on cooking! Those toys remind me of Gumby. Does anyone else remember him?

  6. What a beautiful family, and a happy post! I smiled. Thank you for sharing.


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