Sunday, November 1, 2009


These are pics of the neighbor's house I was complaining about in my last post. I do dislike the plastic stuff but it actually looked pretty cool after dark. They had a smoke machine & scary music & attracted a ton of people.
So I recant my Halloween Grinch episode.....but I still don't like seeing the stuff all flattened every morning in yards.
And this pic is an example of why I'm not crazy about answering the door on that particular night! Tricker-treaters of the large variety !
Of course this strange looking one is Rocker Son who was NOT tricker-treating but he was headed out to a big bash in the country as a Village People person.
Do I ask for details of the all night party? You bet I do not! Today he is sleeping the sleep of the serious party-ers & I am making as much noise as possible around the house! Ha!
Such a compassionate mama!

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