Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last night I laughed more in one hour than I had in the entire week before! My sister called. Sis is two years younger than me & lives nearly ten hours away. We got together recently for a day & a half & had so much fun catching up on our busy lives & just enjoying being in the same room!

Ten hours is not a huge distance & it really seems like I should be able to see her more than once every other year for Christmas…but there are complications. Nothing huge & horrible, like a feuding family or hateful sibs, on the contrary our problem is just the opposite actually. My parents & Hubs parents & both our other siblings all live in the neighboring states so to go see just ONE family is not acceptable! Christmas is a non-stop itinerary that is anything but relaxing. So, visits to just my sis for no reason other than visiting just do not happen. I travel internationally at least once a year for my job, but sitting around drinking coffee & trading family stories is not “saving the world” ya know? J

Yesterday she messaged me on Facebook & said that even though she knew I was not a “phone girl”, we ought to do phone visits because our last visit felt so good. So last night she called & it was wonderful. Since we are close in age, we have a lot of similar stuff going on in our lives. She has older step-kids so she is a grandma already, but I’ve done menopause already. We filled each other in on what to expect, ha!

What is it about sisters? As I planned this post I tried to find a photo of Rosemary Clooney & Betty Raynes singing that great song, “Sisters” in White Christmas. I love that scene so much! They loved each other but could strongly disagree with assurance that the love would still be intact.

When my sis & I see each other, and I mean step into the same room & look at each other, there is just so much unspoken history & understanding in the glance. We have been through a lot together, more than we have ever expressed to others. But in her eyes I see it all. Even though we have gone for long, long periods of time without a deep conversation, the awareness of our connection is there.

That’s why I am so glad that we are both ready now to give ourselves some time to be together even if it is just talking into a phone. She’s got me humming now…….”Sisters……………”


  1. yes, sisters- an incredible and enduring bond.
    What we know and can tell about each other goes beyond words.....thank you for sharing- i think ill go phone my sister xx

  2. And this is why I always wanted a sister! You make my heart ache. Oh well. At least my girls have a sister, and they already get along well (6 years apart).

  3. Sisters do have a bond and that picture...oh that is sooo fantastic...those dresses....

  4. Sisters are the best thing in the world. I have two but am VERY close to one of them. I adore them both don't get me wrong, but the younger one of the two and I have a very special bond. We are 16yrs apart in age. She is my best friend.

    Thank you for sharing about your was a joy to read.

  5. I've always wished I had a sister ... and now I wish it even more! Beautiful post!



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