Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Whiteboard Beauty!

Does this happen to you? I am working on a slightly more serious but still fun post in my head. In the meantime I put off posting anything because this one idea is still there brewing & little scribbles in my journal are adding up to something good. For some reason it keeps me from posting until I can give out the main one in my head. Anyway, it is not ready yet & just now as I was reading the great comments about the whiteboard post, I figured I would share with you some of the other stuff that has appeared on that board during our schools' morning worship times. The music is sometimes loud & rowdy, sometimes quiet & contemplative, whatever seems right to the band that plays that morning. Students are dancing, jumping, lying down or sitting & writing. Freedom is the key to fun times with God in my opinion. So without further adue (whatever adue is!)...........


Yay, I've lost some weight since the butterfly one! Like my wings?


  1. brenda this is AMAZING- i am speechless !!!

  2. Beautiful Brenda. and this is not the surprise you were working on? Can't wait to see your post!
    Love you blog!

  3. I LOVE these. You are so pretty in the butterfly one.

  4. They are very creative and turn out so beautiful. I think this is a really cool idea. And I usually have a post idea rattling around for weeks....sitting on my draft section of my blog. Then weeks later something hits me and I'm able to finish it. Sometimes its months later. It's funny how our brains work. I usually find I do my best thinking while relaxing in the tub...or sleeping! I have to keep a note pad both places to jot down ideas.

  5. I loved this! As someone who is just starting to explore her creative side, I found this very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Oh - and the pictures of the prayer tunnel -- wow! I want to be a part of that! awesome.


  6. I LOVE the butterfly photo! You're so alive in all of your photos!! Beautiful!

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