Monday, February 16, 2009

Desk Tag at Last!

A whole month ago Sheri who is a cute little blogger over at Sheri's World , tagged anyone who was interested to post pics of their desk & chat about it a bit. I kept forgetting to take a pic of my desk at work but here it is now in all it's glory.
I share my office at work with my husband, but we DO NOT share desks, that would be dangerous to all concerned. Our office is comfortable & tends to be the main place that people casually gather to talk, laugh & pretty much keep me from getting much done there. But I love it when it is full of people! I have even had days when I needed to leave the room to make a phone call! Ha! This pic is the view while sitting at my desk. You can see a corner of the Hubs desk, always very neat, clean & tidy. But it totally reveals who REALLY does all the admin work at our job! Where would we be without Post-It's? I love them & tend to get a little carried away with them. Shall I do one more exciting pic of my desk? Ok.........

Now that I am not a full-time mommy I can get a bit work-aholic-ish. I just love being there & seeing people all day & getting the paperwork all organized & graphed out nicely you know? Getting a great excell spreadsheet done is just so satisfying as compared to doing loads of laundry that will need to be done again & again! So there you go, my other favorite spot besides this comfy home chair I'm in right now.


  1. Yay! Thanks for doing the desk tag! Your desk is very neat, and I love the butterfly picture/note holder!

  2. far, far too neat.......
    stop it !!

    lisa xx

  3. Actually, I love your desk. I covet your desk! Mine is such a small space in comparison! It's why the floor space around me is often littered with stacks of paper. :)

  4. I need to get a little workaholicish. I am so far behind! And I love a good post it note as much as the next gal!

  5. Love the desk. It is nice that you and the hubs can share the same office without a fight erupting!
    Kudos to you Brenda!

  6. I will not even dare to show a picture of my desk space!


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