Monday, February 2, 2009

Ahead of My Time

As I wander through the many blogs "out there" I can't help but feel kinda jealous of the young moms who have "Mommy Blogs". You guys have a wonderful space to complain, compare, ask questions, record wonderful moments etc. as you document your mommy years. You don't need to feel alone in a house full of tiny jabbering baby talk all day. I know it isn't easy, but you are finding random moments to jump online & share your rant or your victory with other women in the same stage of life.

I too, was able to see that it was a sweet, though challenging time of life when my boys were little. But, without the Internet to record my wonderings & questions, I journaled it all. Boy oh boy did I journal it all! I have stacks of books filled with words & tears & even word pictures. I knew that even though I often felt alone in the journey, (my hubs was there but........) there were others experiencing the same crap, craziness & cartoon filled days.

I do believe that I was ahead of my time though in one respect. Realizing that these emotion filled days were not permanent & that someday I would be shocked to find myself looking up into my kids faces; I carefully wrote some pages in my journals that I called my "Snapshots" of our life at the time. I give you the proof that I knew how to cherish my sweet moments.
Most of my journal pages were filled with my questions & observations about one certain situation or another. But every once in a while I looked around me & knew that the moment must be remembered even though I didn't fool around with cameras much at that time. (Photo film had to go to the shop for at least a WEEK before we could see them!) So I wrote my word pictures of our daily life as a family of four.

Today I am so glad I did this. It's been over 20 years since these little love notes were written & I cherish them immensely! So, I guess I shouldn't really be terribly jealous of the young moms of today, but still...........


  1. I am not a very good journal keeping person, so maybe I am glad I am parenting at this time of life. I would never have kept all the hi's and low's if written in a book. Amazing how easy a computer is to use.
    I guess my worry will be if this web page is still around for the boys to see when they are old enough to understand it!?

  2. I have a whole shelf of old journals. I kept thinking that some snowy day when I didn't want to get out and about that I would sit with a grand cup of tea and go through some of them. Only far we haven't had any snow yet and I keep filling my days with other things.

    I was fortunate to have a great mom's group at our church that helped us all get through.
    I think I should collect all my journals now. We're actually supposedly headed towards the low 70's on Friday...I can sit in the sun on my front porch and have some fun.

  3. I think it is wonderful that you have these memories written down. It's ok it is on paper vs. the computer. Now you have a new way of documenting your journey in life. You have the best of both worlds!


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