Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Writing Prompt of The Day: Reading

I haven't done a writing prompt from the One Minute Writer in quite a while, but todays' prompt: READING caught my eye & I knew exactly what to write about.........

I have always loved reading. One summer day in my teens it was my turn to make the family dinner while my parents were gone for the day. I spent the whole day stretched out on the couch reading "Gone With The Wind" and when I heard their car pull into our driveway I jumped up & headed for the fridge. Problem was...I hadn't stopped reading long enough to eat all day & as I got to the fridge I promptly fainted! My parents found me on the floor in the kitchen & I did not get in trouble for the lack of dinner on the table!


  1. Now that is getting lost in a book! Forgetting to eat all day! Love it!

  2. now thats a dramatic way to avoid trouble !!

  3. Yikes, Brenda, I didn't know reading could be hazardous to your health!

    Reading, for me, brings back sweet memories of those lazy, hazy days of summer when my sister & I would walk to the elementary school library then carry home stacks of multi-sized books covered in kid-proof cellophane.

    Speaking of reading, I'm hosting a book giveaway on my blog, if anyone's interested.

  4. That could happen to any of my four kids! They are such huge readers. I love that about them.

  5. That is a great writing prompt and story! Thanks for sharing it with all of us :)

  6. Is this creative writing???? ;) Kind of funny.


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