Thursday, July 14, 2011

Even the Photo Is Creeping Me Out!

We have an unwanted and uninvited guest in our home. And I am not happy about it! Mr. Mouse made his scurrying little appearance a week ago and had me run screaming from the living room couch back to Hubs in the bedroom with a book. He came to my rescue but could not find Mr. Mouse by the time he got there.

I saw the mouse go from under the stove (eeww!) just a couple of feet to the cupboard under the sink. Hubs hypothesized that there is a hole from the cupboard to the outside and the mouse ran back outside in fright from my screamings. I agreed with Hub's theory because it made me feel better. After all, I had to stand in that very spot several times every day at my kitchen sink!

As it happens, Mr. Mouse has not left the building. Again I am on the couch late at night alone and I saw Mr. Mouse run from stove to cupboard. After two more nights of this, the scary part is that I do not even scream! I jump a bit, that's it. That is just WRONG!

We set out some sticky paper traps. They did no good at all, he just goes around them I guess. So today we bought those awful and deadly classic mouse traps and placed them in the path that he takes. Now I am sitting here jumping at every sharp sound! Is that it? Do I want to look? No. 

It is MY kitchen, I feel violated by this ugly scurrying little creep! Makes me shudder just to think of it. I am suddenly realizing that dear old grouchy Tony the cat actually DID do something around here for us, may he rest in peace.

DOH! I posted this & totally left out the funny part that inspired me to write about it in the first place!.....

After Hubs had carefully (because there is no other way!) set the traps with tiny bits of cheese and a dab of peanut butter under the sink, I was cleaning up our dinner. Hubs watched as I wiped the counters and scraped a bunch of yucky shredded cheese into the garbage can and closed the cupboard door.

He then gently said, "Honey WHY in the world would a mouse try to get a teeny bit of cheese off a trap if there is an entire feast of it for free right next to it in the garbage can?"


Ok, that's better. 


  1. Sounds like it's time for a new cat! I hate mice, yuck....years ago when I had them we used plastic glue traps and put peanut butter on them.

  2. Aw. All God's creatures need a space to live. Aren't you going to share? He looks so cure! Maybe even cuter than a Bear. Well, probably not, but I'm trying to be nice.
    Yes, I know it's your house. But remember, he still is God's Mr. Mouse.

  3. Rob-Bear, but God is not helping with my eviction notice to Mr. Mouse! There is a great big old yard outside with tons of ivy to hide in, much nicer!

    Oh that reminds me of the whole reason I wrote that post and I forgot the funny part! Doh, gonna go add it now!

  4. We had one in our last place. We bought a trap where it went inside a small black box and it couldn't go out. Worked in 24 hours. Hate those little things.

  5. We had one in our last place. We bought a trap where it went inside a small black box and it couldn't go out. Worked in 24 hours. Hate those little things.

  6. Ugh. I hate mice. They are vile. I can never sleep when I know there is one in the house. Oh yuck. I am glad you got it in the end.


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