Friday, July 22, 2011

From Gloom to Hope

Yesterday Hubs and I worked quietly around the house saying very little for hours. The air was filled with a strange mixture of tension and a whole lot of "I give up." We are heading toward the end of the second month of zero income and these belts simply cannot be cinched up any tighter.

The  first crop of zucchini from our very first garden ever was rejoiced over loudly and broadly a few weeks ago. This week zucchini has lost it's charm and we are getting a bit tired of it in it's many forms. Yesterday our home was almost funeral-ish.

No anger, no tears, just going about our chores and even making up projects as the loud, very loud ticking of our inherited Regulator clock marks the sloooow passing of another day.

But then late last night Hubs gets a call from one of the jobs he has been interviewing for and they want to see him the next morning! Hope!!

So this morning Hubs left the house before I woke up and when I went to the coffee pot I found a note from him. He wrote that the other job, the GOOD ONE, had emailed him and sent him a bunch of forms to fill out so they can process his application to the next level!!!! The first job wanted him to fill our more forms also and they sent him to a clinic for a drug test and will get back to us next week.

I was a-dancing with my coffee cup!!

Crazy! Why in the world did both places suddenly after three months of silence contact him at the same time? He is going forward on both jobs at this point, because neither one is guaranteed yet, but YEE HAW!

Neither job is high paying, both are barely paying, but some pay is a whole lot sweeter looking than NO pay! You never know what each day will bring. Yesterday my home was a quiet place of gloom and tonight we have a new glimmer of hope in our goofy smiles.


  1. Gosh I had no idea you were living through these difficulties. I hope things work out soon with either or both or the prospects. Prayers and thoughts with you and the family.

  2. I am overjoyed at this news! I'll be praying!

  3. YES! "We know that in all things God works for good. . . ."
    Here's hoping.
    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  4. Praise God!!! Now hopefully you will be called for a job that you dearly love and enjoy.

  5. You describe so well of how we felt when my hubs finally got a call for an interview. We had been numb too. I pray for yall and Yes little pay is better than no pay!

  6. Little pay is much better than no pay. I'm so glad y'all are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Tunnels are not easy--all dark and closed in like they are. Fingers crossed and praying!

  7. I´m so happy to read this Brenda! Keeping my fingers crossed and will pray that he gets a good offer!

  8. Fingers and toes crossed! Keep us posted.


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