Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Old Scribbles Help Me Write New Scribbles

For the last few days I have been getting comfy in my "writing room" and re-reading my huge stack of journals. Opening up one of the journals that I began filling when I was a teenager is always a risky venture. I often get distracted from whatever I was looking for in the first place. 

Sometimes I will go to my journals when I want to know what year we took the boys to Disneyland or exactly what date we moved into this house. But then I get caught up in reading stuff I do not recall and I forget why I started the hunt in the first place! 

But this week I have a distinct and focused purpose for my step into the past. I have a green marker and a black ink pen and a yellow tablet at my side as I open the next journal. I am methodically going through them day by day and marking important personal moments that I may use in a book that I would love to write. I make a green dot next to the journal entry and also record the date and main theme on the yellow tablet. 

It is a weird sensation to spend multiple hours immersed in your own history and then come back to the present. I come out of the room with a dazed and far away look in my eyes and Hubs asks if I'm okay. I say that I am so happy to be in the here and now and done with the "good ole days". I miss some of the cute kid days but would never choose to go back in time and I figure that I still have some cute kid stuff in front of me when I become a Grandma someday! 

I am so glad that I am a natural journal-keeper. It was never a chore for me. I looked forward to my stolen moments to sit and record my thoughts about my life. Some entries are one paragraph but most are a page or two. I realized that my boys would not always be little boys and I knew that their funny comments and goofy mischief would not last forever. My own inner questions and beliefs grew and changed as I lived my life and I have never stopped filling journals and probably never will.

Tomorrow I will dive into my past once again and who knows what treasures I will find.


  1. Having those journals are priceless. So awesome that you kept them. Your kids will love them when you are gone.

  2. Ah, yes, indeed. Not scribbles but treasures; treasures which have filled your life.
    Happy treasure hunting!

  3. Yes indeed--taking back some of those fun and cute childhood times would be nice. But a huge NO to the teen years for me!

  4. What a treasure you have in your journals. I wish I had the same discipline. I have a few half empty journals laying around. It must be wonderful to look back and see what God has done in your life.

  5. Those journals would help you remember your life. I wish I had kept them since I seem to forget those wonderful days....

  6. Just found your blog today, and I had to comment on this post. I just find it so amazing when someone says they have all these journals that they have written. I'm so sorry that I did not do that. I was always deep into my thoughts and emotions, but never wrote them down in a systematic way. It's only been lately that I discovered the book, "To Be Told", by Dan Allender, which has inspired me tremendously to start writing my "stories." Do I see a book in your future????

  7. Hi Cora and Welcome!! Yes there is a book in my future and I am forcing all my blog friends to listen to my whining as I figure out how to make it happen!


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