Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freedom Sometimes Means You've Nothing Left To Lose

If I were to describe my daily life to you right now, I think you would be shocked. Some would think it sounds great, but the wise ones would see it for what it is. And what it is, is unemployed.

I stay up as late as I want every single night. I also sleep in to 8 or 9 in the morning, every morning. My coffee maker is set to come on at 8 and I love to wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee. Sometimes it is even brought to me in bed by Hubs! My day has no real demands other than some food shopping once in a while and cleaning my home and doing laundry. 

Hubs works on the yards and garden and fills out job applications on line. Stores and businesses will not accept walk-in applicants, they tell him to go home and apply on line, frustrating.

I have been pretty good at setting a timer in the morning so that I only browse Facebook and emails for a limited time, and then I head into my writing room to look for places to submit my writing. I write a couple of my simple, short $10 articles, trying to send in 10 each week. Some days I work on query letters and magazine story proposals. I created an Excel chart that has all my submissions and query letters listed with the expected date of acceptance or rejection and amount they pay etc. I have about 4 submissions out there and 3 query letters trying to sell myself. I have also applied for 3 online writing jobs and been rejected from 2 so far. 

That all sounds so professional doesn't it? Actually as I write this and know that I am not fudging or exaggerating, I feel a little better than I did when I began this post. 

But the lack of structure is hard to adjust to and above all, the lack of income. This schedule and description of my days would look and sound wonderful if you took away the unemployment aspect! Ha! I am so blessed and thankful that Hubs is not pushing me to apply for a "regular" job (which would be Target or Taco Bell anyway, so not much $$) and he is letting me pursue this crazy writing thing. Which really makes no sense at all because we have zero income right now. We are living on our savings and the end is coming soon! That definitely creates some interesting dynamics in the atmosphere in our home. 

So, my friends, if you hate your job and wish you had more time to pursue your dream, hang on to your day job and keep going after the dream!  Not super fun out here. 


  1. I think you are being very disciplined, in the way you are looking for work and hope you will find something soon. Or at least your husband! That must really be tough.

  2. Just hang in there girl- you have so much to say and you say it beautifully. Something will break soon enough and it won't be the bank!

  3. I know the staying at home stuff, it is not so fun. I tell everyone that...I do not know if writing pays $$...I hope it gets better


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