Monday, July 11, 2011

No Judgement Zone

Made this myself with!
Need to rework the colors of the lettering though.
It is for my other blog.

The blog is called Recovering Church Lady
and it is geared toward believers who
are spinning their wheels
and striving to make God love them.

I've lived there and the guilt
is a heavy thing that
my loving God did not intend.

I am hoping that my words
about how much they are totally loved
already without any of the hard work
and sacrifice,
will give them a glimpse of the freedom
He designed for them to enjoy.

So many have no clue how easy it is to please God.
We've made it ridiculously complicated.
And then use harsh judgement on others
to make us feel good.

Recovering Church Lady is a safe place of freedom and refreshment!


  1. A no-judgement zone sounds like a pretty safe place, as places go.
    I think even a Bear would be OK here.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours. These are great thoughts for me today. It isn't in my human nature to not be judgmental so I constantly have to take my thoughts and reactions captive and turn them over to the Lord.

  3. I do not like Judgement from others. You did a great pic at Picnik!

  4. WOW -- this blog post is so rich that I'm going to read it several times to really enjoy its powerful message. The judgement and the anger that is redirected at others can be so damaging and can you believe that people claim that God is in support of such madness? I LOVE the graphics (butterfly) and the No Judgement Zone one as well. Refreshing!


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