Monday, December 6, 2010

Inspiration Looks Like A Pretty Girl

Tonight Rocker Son and his new girlfriend are coming over so she can make chicken enchiladas for us! They have been together for a couple months now and she is adorable and I am liking her for a few reasons:

  • She has convinced Rocker Son to quit smoking for good!
  • She loves to cook.
  • She is extremely artistic in photography, music and...
  • She is a tattoo artist!
  • She is helping him find a better job and.....
  • A better place to live!
  • She sent me a Friend Request on Facebook.
  • She really really likes my son and that is inspiring him.
A pretty girl can help a young man to see who he is. Hubs and I have been nagging, encouraging Rocker Son to be a grown up and find a better job and better place to live for years. He is 24 and only working enough to buy booze and pay rent on a house that has literally been reported to the health Department.

But since knowing his new girl, things are changing! He came over a few weeks ago to proudly announce to us that he is done with smoking. His long dirty hair is cut and amazing looking!

I don't feel bad at all that my words bounced off of him and her words are sticking. Go girl, go! If it takes a pretty girl to show him who he is and who he can be then I may be falling in love with her myself!!


  1. Love can move mountains. Well, maybe not mountains but some pretty stubborn men...

  2. You and Pretty Girl already make a wonderful pair. Both pretty; both love the same man. Sounds very promising.

    And, for the record, love CAN move mountains.

  3. I love this post! And I love how happy she is making you both. :)

    A pretty girl can have a huge impact on a man ... ans his mama.

  4. Sometimes it takes more than one woman (especially when one of them is Mom) to make an idea sound like it could actually be a good idea. I'm so happy that he's found someone who encourages him. Keep up the good work. Everyone needs a good momma.

  5. Isn´t love great!!? I´m so glad for you and your son. Hope you enjoy the dinner tonight.

  6. Having 3 sons of my own, I totally agree. Good for you not caring who inspires him & for appreciating her!! I know a very kind man friend, who inspires me greatly! Pretty girl or handsome man for me... Inspiration to motivate us to be our very best, is all that matters!!

    Love your post!!!! My oldest son is bringing home his girlfriend for Christmas & I am so excited!!! Can't wait! :-)

    Have a Great week!!

  7. What a sweet post. You're right, it doesn't have to come from mom, as long as they get it!

  8. so very wonderful when one nice kid meets another.

    Lisa x

  9. I have a son and stepson...We are pretty much in the same boat!

    We just Love the girls that are in our boys lifes... They both seem more settled.
    I worry less!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Rocker Son and his new gal!

  10. Had a fun night with stories of how they met and we discovered that she was at one of his bands very first performances a few years ago!

    Food was wonderful, they worked very hard, it was sweet!

    Rocker Son is mush!! Ha!

  11. Wow, you have a list of great reasons to like her! All sons need this (nagging) encouragement!

  12. Oh how wonderful for your son. I pray that my boy will find someone other than the girl he is with now. They are just not good for each other.

    Hugs & love,


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