Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Photo Overview Today.......

I made this pretty angel & may sell them
next year.
My fav ornament, made by Hubs when he was five! 

Writer Son & Sassy Bride sent this out as their newlywed
Christmas card! So funny!
I have shown my Nativity collection before, but I also
collect cool Santas!

One of my students is making/selling these knit
cuties to raise funds for a mission trip to Africa in the Spring!

My fav Christmas movie!
I begin watching it on Halloween night! Ha!

I made these monogram coasters last week!
I got the idea from a fellow blogger!

This is as close to a white Christmas that we get
in our area! Stayed dark & foggy all day today!

Rocker Son & his girl gave me the sweet cookie jar
full of amazing cookies from a special shop near them!

And those amazing cookies were my Christmas breakfast!
So yummy!


  1. Looks like much fun for all of you. Just sorry you didn't have a foot (or more) of snow, so you could go tobogganing at the closest hill.

  2. Rob-bear, If we had a foot of snow, I would move! I like to look at pics of snow, that's it!

  3. I absolutely adore the way you look.


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