Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Love New Stuff!

So excited! Hubs just took me to get new glasses!
I used to wear some cute Black/yellow squarish frames.
I replaced them with my current pair

But I dislike them intensely.
They pinch with those little nub thingys
and they show that one ear is lower than the other.
I am constantly adjusting them to look straight!

Yes, I know they are not HORRIBLE!
But they don't feel like me.
I liked the black pair I had before the crooked ones.
I don't like how the bifocal line shows in this particular pic but I loved these glasses!
I have missed them, but knew that I had made a mistake in the recent purchase
shown with the pink shirt.

I found an online coupon from sears optical
for 2 pairs of glasses for $99!

Yes, I said TWO PAIR!
So I got the rectangle ones pictured above in burgundy
and some black ones with a bit of roundishness to them!!

So happy, so excited!
Yay for me!
And yes, my Love Language is gifts!


  1. I'm glad you finally found the pair that you wanted. They look great and it sounds like you got a great deal!

  2. it is such a scary thing, this purchasing of new glasses- I dread it too and always try to take someone with me, but really, that just complicates things more xx

  3. I hate hate my glasses too. But I can´t seem to find a pair I like. Yours look good on you!

  4. Look great! You found the right ones

  5. I hope you really enjoy your new "specs," Brenda.

    I'm just back from WalMart, where I had my eyes tested (after last year's eye surgery) and ordered new glasses. They're very much like the ones you don't like. Strange. Thought I do understand your problem.

    The glasses I buy will be properly adjusted to my face. I don't expect to have any problems at all. I won't buy glasses from places where people can't professionally adjust them (unless I'm getting the ultra-cheap variety at the "dollar store"). Those actually work quite well, unless you have eyes with quite different "strengths," as I do.

  6. Super cute glasses! A girl has to be comfortable with her face jewelery...


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