Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Christmas In The Bathroom Too!

I recently sent this picture to my mom on Facebook telling her that I had finally joined the 'Bathroom Christmas Tree Club'. I knew she would be proud of me and sure enough she commented the pic saying she was "tickled". 

My mother has a great gift for going overboard. She loves card games so we may find ourselves sitting in a circle late into the night for hours and hours when visiting. She goes overboard in cooking, always creating way more than needed. I am definitely not complaining. Is there such a thing as too much fudge???

When my mother became interested in painting ceramics, she took classes and for several years taught her own ceramics classes and 'fired' her students creations in her own kiln in our garage!

My mom loves to garden. So, did she just do some pretty yard planting and leave it at that? No way! She went to classes and became a certified Master Gardener and displayed a garden scene at the fair, created and sold some beautiful planters for several years. Her yards are a lush and inspiring place to walk or sit and enjoy the scenery. My mom's yards have "rooms" divided by greenery that have distinct themes and colors and moods. 

When Mom became interested in photography, she again attended classes and my first born is embarrassingly THE most photographed kid in the world! This was 28 years ago, before the digital age and everyone's phones included a camera. She would show me pictures of him in outfits I had never seen because she had her own little fashion show when she babysat him! 

So my friends, when holidays come around, the boxes and boxes of decorations are brought in from the garage and "Decoration/Craft Room" and the house is transformed. Hubs still talks about his first Christmas in our family. Walking into my parent's home had him wide-eyed and a little dis-oriented I think! 

My mom does not confine her decorating to the house and yard. Every job she held in my growing up years was another opportunity to "brighten the place up". From the hospital jobs to the dry cleaning job and others, her holiday decorations change the atmosphere for the better. And I would not be surprised to hear that she is still decorating for her church functions and women's clubs.

Back to the house decorating......No room is left without holiday cheer and adornment. I remember my new husband coming to me and quietly saying, "Umm, there is a Christmas Tree in the bathroom!". My response? "Yah, so?". 

If getting "carried away" with decorating is wrong, then I don't want to be right! I love you Mom, Merry Christmas!


  1. Why do things in half measure? If you're going to do it, go the whole nine yards!

  2. Love the little tree in the bathroom ..its indeed going all the way but its CHRISTMAS !! Happy Holidays to you !

  3. I decorated one of the bathrooms this year for the first time in years. OH and, no, there is not a thing as too much fudge! Especially homemade!

  4. It sounds like she's fun to be around.

    Hugs & love,

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog, Empty Nest Evolution.

    After reading your considered title, A Bunch of BS", I figured you'd have interesting things to say. And you do!

    My mother decoarated every room in the house at Christmas. She would buy two trees, one for trimming and one for cutting up into boughs for the mantelpieces, a centerpiece for the dining table and cheerful scent boughs in Christmas cups in the bathroom. I have most of her old tree ornaments as well as the ones my brother & I made as children (what's left of them) and a lot made by my own sons. My tree always has many tales to tell.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. I love all the things your Mom did, she sounds wonderful. Photography back in the day, was not easy. So nice of you to bring cheer to the entire house (parts of it)

  7. That line about your husband coming to you saying, "Um, there is a Christmas tree in the bathroom," is a riot! I can almost hear the fear in his voice.


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