Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Was Wrong!

Yes, it happens. I made a mistake, a misjudgment, a clear case of judging a book video by it's cover!! In my last post I mocked my Hubs Christmas movie choice here.  But I was very wrong! This movie is so good and very mushy holiday emotion stirring. Just the ticket for a seasonal video.

Especially if you have a few humans of the male gender in your home. You can get them all hyped up on the gritty, war time blood and guts that the cover promises. Then they will find themselves wiping tears away as they watch soldiers from three countries spontaneously call a cease fire for Christmas Eve and even get to see a bit of soccer played between the countries who are mortal enemies at war!

But they will need to know how to read because it is sub-titled. The movie is based on true stories of this happening on several battlefields in  December 1914 in WW1. Very cool and inspiring!
(Joyeux Noel)


  1. Howdy Brenda
    Just rode over your way to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and wow what a wonderful surprise post I got to read :)
    This is a great story I did not realize there was a movie on DVD :)
    Ho Ho Ho for my manly men might be watching something new this year .
    Thank you so much for sharing the info .
    Take care now
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  2. I don't know the film, but I do know the story Christmas, 1914 on the Western Front. I have told it a number of times.

    So glad to know what the film is about.

    Christmas blessings to you.


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