Friday, May 15, 2009

Two New Vehicles!!

Now isn't that a beauty? My Hubs found this 1983 Mustang on Craigs list & got it really cheap! He is having so much fun working on it & I think it is adorable. For some reason he does not like when I say it is cute. He says that "cute" is not the look he was going for & not a good description of an amazing Mustang! Whatever! I think it's pretty cute.

My title up there says "Two New Vehicles" and tomorrow I will show you a picture of MY new vehicle, not so cute but very helpful...hopefully. No more hints, you'll have to wait till I get a good pic of it ok.

We are in our last 2 weeks of school & getting real busy with Graduation plans & parties. I am also loving the mailbox as I see new applications arrive for Fall 2009! It's like Christmas to me when I see a big envelope in my box at work, the receptionist thinks I'm crazy when she hears me let out a "woo-whoo!" each time. Ha! New lives, new issues, new wonderful relationships, new dramas. I love it all! (Most days!)

One of my students just sent me this pic of some of our students with some of the young people in the Philippines before we said "good-bye". I live a blessed life!


  1. Though not manly...I agree, it is cute.

  2. I agree with you. The car is cute.

    I love that you are excited about the upcoming students. That speaks volumes about you!


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