Friday, May 8, 2009

Prophetic Words Can be Wrong

Let me introduce you to Jubilee & her daughter Sarah Grace. They are the center of a funny story about a prophetic word gone wrong. Last year when we were in her hometown in the Philippines she came up to me during a prayer time in her church. She spoke little english so just pointed to her lower stomach & asked me to pray for her stomach pain. As I began to pray, her friend told me that Jubilee was pregnant & worried about her baby. So I gently placed my hand on her tummy & asked God to heal her & her baby. It jumped under my hand! I laughed & said that the baby likes to be prayed for. Jubilees' eyes got super big & she looked shocked & surprised. I asked why she was so surprised & her friend said that the baby had not moved for a few days & the pain she was feeling made her feel it may not be alive!

A few days later we were in her meager home as she proudly showed us her treasured belongings & talked to us about her baby girl that was on the way. After visiting for a little while, one of our fellow teachers came in & offered to pray for her & her family. He began to pray for Jubilee & then began to speak about the strong & courageous son she was going to have. My friend & I looked at each other & shrugged our shoulders, wondering what that was all about. He also said that the new son would someday go to China & be very powerful, at that point Jubilee interrupted him & said, "No China, go to America!" Ha!

After the prayer I asked Jubilee if she had seen a doctor that told her the baby was a girl. She said no, but she already had 2 boys & she wanted a girl & it is a girl! Then she pointed to the big bed in the room, obviously the bed she shared with her husband & it had a pink chenile bedspread on it! Family planning, I guess! Ha!

As you can see, she had a gorgeous baby girl the following September & she is a very happy mama! And yes, we did tease our fellow teacher about his totally "right on" prophetic word!

This pic is evidence that you are NEVER too old for a fun treehouse lunch break!


  1. hi there...
    read ur story and yes, some prophesies go wrong ;o)

    anyhow, have u visited bacolod already? how was it? i gave birth last April 16 and gave birth to a baby girl ;o)

  2. Hi Meili! Our trip for this year is over, just got home a week ago on may 2. It was the best trip ever! I really love the country side around Bacolod, so lush & green! Too bad we could not meet up, maybe another time.

  3. doesn't she look blissful? great story!


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