Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mr. Bunnies' Sad Life

Let me send out a warning to all mother's who are about to enter the stage of life called "parents of grown children". WARNING: Do not expect your gifts to be cherished as much as you would cherish a gift from them!

For Easter I got a little mushy & gave my two sons a repeat of their favorite childhood Easter toys, go here to re-live the occasion. They totally reacted exactly how I wanted & they both thought it was a kick to see the same silly bunnies they got so much fun out of years ago!

But, as you can see, my special gift was found in this sad state the very next day in 22 year old Rocker Son's room. Of course I do not expect such a goofy joke present to be put on the dashboard of his car or anything, but c'mon! This is just painful to see! As you look at the condition of his bedroom you may wonder that I can call him "grown", because clearly there is still some major "growing" needed in the hygene & civilized living category! ( I do not enter his room often, it distresses me too much for several days afterwards!) Are girls this bad? I cannot see his floor most of the time & have no idea how he keeps track of what clothes are dirty & what is clean. He does do his own laundry & feeds himself & holds a job, so I have not failed completely. But, I could not live in this mess for 5 minutes & must keep his door closed so I don't have to see the mess as I go down the hall to my room.

ANYWAY! Poor little Mr. Bunny is still laying there face down in a pile of junk & my older Writer Son left his in my kitchen. Still, it was fun for the moment's reaction on Easter. Have I always used gifts from MY mom in the way she expected? um, no! I have things in my closet that just never quite worked for me, so I will forgive my men and be super-thankful that my Hubs knows me well enough to give me a huge Kohl's gift card for Mother's Day!! Oh yes!


  1. poor mr bunny- sadly this is an amusing tale xx

  2. Just for the record, the girls are almost as messy as the boys. When it comes to the clothes, the girls leave piles of the stuff all over their room.

    I've gotten to the point where I just give money to my boys. They don't have a sentimental bone in their body.

  3. For the record, yes, girls are just as messy. Scary messy. I was cracking up yesterday at the headline that said "Lindsay Lohans House Not Ransacked, Just Messy, Say Cops".

    And I would be sad too if my bunny (or equivalent type gift) wasn't cherished. But at least you got that great first reaction. Those are hard to come by.

  4. LOVED this. Relate to every bit of this post.


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