Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Stuff & Questions

So I have a few little things to talk about now that I can sit down & think a bit. Actually maybe I am just kind of cleaning out my mind so it can think on some more important & creative things. So you get to be my dumpster as I clean out my head! Lucky you! ALSO, I am sitting next to my Rocker Son while he is watching the MTV Awards just as an excuse to be with him a bit.....& I am not too crazy about the stuff I see & hear on my TV. Lot's of bleeping, kissing & nudity! Ha! But I'm laughing too, some is pretty funny. So this is helping me look away without being a total prude ya know? Thanks for your help!

Random # 1 Hubs car did not pass smog & won't unless more $$ is put into it. We have decided to go for it cause it is a fun & rare car to own. Mustang 1985 or 83, don't recall. We are both excited about this! He is shocked that I agree with the plan. What do you know, I can still surprise my hubbs!

Random # 2 Today I got to shoot this pic once again of my favorite view. It is straight up in the air over my beloved backyard swing! That's our almond tree & it is a gorgeous day this Sunday.I love coming out here to read a good book & listen to the birds sing & the cars zoom by. Which for some reason brings me to my next pics that are all about asking your advice about something kinda silly.
Random # 3 I wish I had gotten a tattoo when I was younger so that I could enjoy it now & be a cool old lady. But, I did not get one, did not even want one back then, but now I do! Crazy, I know! I'm 54 & would love a pretty butterfly somewhere that I could see it often & smile.

IF I WERE TO DO THIS, should it be on the back of my hand or wrist area?
Or here on the underside of my wrist?

Or down there on my foot which I usually would not call attention to due to not being crazy about my thick cankles. (Calfs & ankles combined)

I do not know if I have the courage or insanity enough to do this at all, just day dreaming a bit here, but if I did where would you recommend I do it?

Random # 4 Now if I were really thinking about what I SHOULD be doing it would be exercising which even THIS lady is managing to do.This SHOULD inspire me......

but it doesn't, not enough anyway.

Ok, I feel better now that I have dumped all this out on you, thanks so much!


  1. SO EXCITING that you guys will keep the car...

  2. My sister got her first tattoo at age 60 ....a cat paw print on her inner wrist.
    Go for it!!!

  3. oh sweet jesus, is SCHOOL OUT????? I have 13 more school days until I can sit in my yard and read and admire MY TATOO..

    I say Do it---it is NEVER too late for a lovely tatoo.


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