Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Philippine Facebook Albums

Is it possible to create a link from here to my Photo Albums on Facebook? I will try, go here to see all my Philippines pics & the captions will tell what we were doing there a bit. My body is still kinda confused & wanting to sleep at the wrong times. Last night at 10pm I was Instant Messaged by one of the teens in the Philippines & it was 1:00 in the afternoon there, of the following day! crazy huh?

Today in school we shared our stories of the trip & all are amazed at what a difference a small handful of people can make. We all had about 8 or 10 new friend requests on our facebooks, from the Philippines! Fun!

In bullet point form, here is what we did from April 22 - May 2, 2009

  • Sat. 3pm - Arrive & taken to hotel in Bacolod.

  • 6:30pm - Meet & Greet Dinner with Filipino church. (Arrived in pitch dark due to a 7 hr blackout that only ended once we all sat down to eat!)

  • Sunday morning - Half the students worked with kids outside while other half spoke in adult service. Very fun & casual.

  • 2pm - 5pm - Students gave prophetic words to local church leaders. Very encouraging & spot on. (During this slot, the other female leader & I slipped away to get wonderful massages! Heehee!) o yes.

  • Monday 8:30am - Noon - Painted local church building.

  • 3pm - 6pm - Taken to first slum area. 1 team entertained & blessed the kids while another team went door to door offering to pray for people. I got brave enough to lead the prayer teams on both days & I was able to pray for 3 women with arthritis who were immediately healed right under my own hands. I saw it & felt it & was rewarded with a few thankful kisses after they finished jumping up & down & flexing their arms & fingers!!!! Ha!

  • Tuesday 9am - 10:30am - All teams met together to share stories & celebrate!

  • 10:30 - 11:45 -Teams went "Treasure Hunting". They pray & ask God who He wants to speak to in the surrounding area. They write down whatever comes to mind, ie: red shirt, sore arm, umbrella lady, etc.. Then they went out & found these people & believe it or not it works! They saw many healings every time they went out & the people were blessed to see themselves on the little peice of paper! Students love doing this.

  • 3pm - 5:30pm - Second slum/squater area. I got to experience seeing a lethargic baby seem to "wake up" while I prayed for her! More later..

  • 6pm - Amazing dinner in a great seafood place where you choose the fish yourself.

  • Wednesday 9am - Noon - treasure Hunting again.

  • 2pm - 4pm Attended a graduation ceremony for foundation that the Filipino church runs for the slum & other kids in area. Beautiful to see them blossom with care & educational assistance!

  • 5pm - 9pm Cultural Exchange evening. The students were divided into groups of 2 or 3 & sent home with Filipino families to help prepare dinner & compare lives. Life-long bonds were made in this time. Brought back to hotel by 10pm.

  • Thursday was recreation day! - So fun! went to a wonderful swim area that is a natural spring, totally beautiful & jungle surrounded. Water buffalo grazing & working along side the area. Students organized a spontaneous water baptism for those who wanted it.

  • Friday - Free morning to pack & rest for evening.

  • 3pm - 6pm set up for youth rally that night. Hand out fliers, bands practice, prepare food.

  • 6pm - 9pm - Youth rally with several churches and invited people attending. noisy, wild, fun.

  • Saturday 4AM! - check out & head to airport.

  • Arrive home about 19 hours later but it is 1pm Saturday!! Very confusing!

PS. The link to Facebook did not work. Not sure how to let you see the pics.


  1. brenda, usually at the bottom of your face book album there is a link you can use to let people outside of face book see your album......

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous trip. I'm sure God did great things.

    What is your FB name - if we add you as a friend - we can view the pics.


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