Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stinky Butt

Do you want to hear a funny kid story? I don't write too many of those anymore because with full grown men as sons, the funny stories tend to be more about things like the cops coming to their apartment because of their new "Surround Sound" that works really, really well!

Anyway, this story is about Rocker Son who was a little bit older than he is in the photo above. He and Daddy were pretend wrestling on the living room floor one evening and Daddy percieved that toddler Rocker Son may not have wiped his bottom good enough after the last potty break. So Dad sent RS to the bathroom & told him to do a better job of cleaning himself up.

Toddler Rocker son was so embarrassed it made him really angry & he stomped off muttering to himself as he closed the bathroom door behind him. I could hear him in there talking away so I crept closer to the door so I could eavesdrop a bit.
This is what I heard,

"Wipe, wipe, wipe! I bet we don't have to wipe
in Heaven!!"


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