Saturday, May 16, 2009

My New Vehicle!

I told you yesterday that we had two new vehicles. Hubs found a "cute" '83 Mustang, which is making Hubs pretty sad right now. (Tell you about that in a minute!) Well, MY new vehicle is a very old (but free!) stationary bike for me to get some aerobic exercise on! I am very happy & excited about it. I love doing my yoga work-out but my fitness fanatic friends keep bugging me that yoga is not enough to get my heart pumping, which is what I need right now.This is my view when I use the bike in the backyard, nice huh? I just got it last night & used it this morning before it got too hot & I think I'll be able to stick with this. Hope so anyway! I would love to figure out a way to read a book while on it, that would help time go faster. I know it is pretty old fashioned & clunky compared to what are in the gyms now but it was free & I don't do gyms. If I get too bored I will repeat my mantra: swimsuit - swimsuit - swimsuit! Ha!

Regarding hubs bad news on his "new" Mustang, he took it in to be smog tested this morning & it has a "cam" or "kam", I obviously don't know what that is. But it will not meet smog requirements around here & it would take a ridiculous amount of money to get it to street legal! So sad! So he is going to have to sell it. He is now in mourning because he bought this thing 3 months ago & it has been at a friends house being worked on all this time & Hubs has been happily buying stock radio, dash covers, gear shift knob, etc. for weeks now. We just got it brought to our house 2 days ago. I really feel bad for him. We have 1 car & 1 motorcycle, so a 2nd car is needed & we thought it would be cool to have a "cool" 2nd car.

Actually, he loves the "hunt" just as much as the purchase, so he'll be ready to continue searching for the right 2nd car before the week end is over, I bet. But to say that to him at this moment would be like telling someone whose dog just died that they can easily replace it! :0 I'm just going to smile sadly at him & let him get there on his own.


  1. You go girl! So sad for your hubby...I guess that is one easy part of our region of the U.S. ....we don't have those rules.

  2. I get why you're so excited over the bike.I felt that way over my elliptical. And poor guy, my sympathies to him!

  3. I love the view from your new vehicle - it's beautiful.

    Enjoy the ride:)


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