Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Night was Fabulous!

I am hoping this video upload works. This is a few minutes of our school graduation last night. Our school also meets with our worship school students & this was their presentation last night. They were assigned to put together a musical number without using any real instruments at all. So it is called a trash band! Unfortunately my camera wonked out on me during the first half & this is just the last bit, but you'll get the idea.

They started with just 2 guys up there & then slowly through the number different ones just causally walked up there & it got louder & louder, so fun!

We had a FABULOUS night (to steal a word from one of my students)!


  1. This performance sounds excellent! How fun for the kids to all be involved and use their creativity.

  2. you always make everything sound so very exciting- i love your enthusiasm

  3. very nice idea... trash band but sounds fabulous! hihi.

    Brenda, got an update in shewrites, hope u can visit. tnx!



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