Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long TO DO List

This Friday is our school Graduation & my list of stuff to do is crazy!
Today I designed & began the printing of the Completion Certificates,
tonight I will finish laminating the individual "I Am" statements they have each written this year.
I'm also working on a picture slide show as our yearbook for Class of 2008-2009.
Today we got our class photos back, pretty nice huh?
I'm happy with them, tho we have been teasing Scott (Mr dreds up there) for
looking off into nowhere land while everyone else looked at the photographer!
Cake is ordered, room has been properly requested,
music is planned, guests invited, printing up new brochures for next year,
updated all our websites with new tuition & dates,
just finished all the Exit Interviews today & 3 parties to go to between now & Friday!
I'm tired!
This lower pic is our whole school combined.
Love these people!


  1. excellent but so busy........

  2. love your blog and pray that your momentum and energy continue at a healthy and productive pace:)


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