Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still Thinking About It......

Yep, still pondering the idea!

As you can see, I have been collecting pictures for years.

The top one is my favorite because it looks like it just landed.

The heart one is too cutesy but I like the colors.

Isn't this great? Of course there are no areas on me that are as flat as this girl's "whatever"!

Just thinking!


  1. So what's holding you back? Go for it!

  2. If you are accepting votes, I vote for the second one!

  3. Thanx Joyful!
    Jenners, I agree with you on that one too!

  4. Maybe they could use the first one as the design with the colors of the heart one. I do like the first one---go for it and have fun with it!

  5. I think I like the second one, too...

  6. Have you tried to design your own? Where do you want it? I definitely think the butterfly should look like it's flying to symbolize you learning to use your wings instead of dragging them, as you've mentioned before.

    Just popped by to say hi; I haven't been reading blogs for a while. Kids, they keep ya busy!

  7. Shawna - That's what I was thinking too! And it needs to be colorful because that is what I saw in my mind when I had that revelation.

  8. This is coming from a girl who has four tattoos and one just happens to be a butterfly - GO FOR IT.

    If you look in my old posts, I have a picture of my butterfly up. I want to say the title of the post is Tattoos as promised.


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