Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life Goes On

Today my Mother-In-Law is being laid to rest next to her husband. We are six hundred miles away but our thoughts and hearts are with our small family at the graveside. She requested that there be no funeral service, she has never been one to enjoy being the center of attention. "Don't make a fuss!"

Today we were remembering our recent short visit with her and Hubs pointed out how funny it was that even on her deathbed his mother was being the consummate hostess! Back here I told you how she was just like Aunt Bee on the Andy Griffith Show. There she was on the bed, struggling to speak very slowly and softly to us and her main concern was being sure that we all went out to the local Texas RoadHouse Restaurant there in Salem Oregon and that the bill be paid out of her account. When we returned to her room she asked what we all had ordered and if we enjoyed it. While she was eating tiny slivers of ice chips, she was still making sure everyone had enough to eat!

But now she is Home and the rest of us go on with life, not forgetting all she deposited into my wonderful husband and his siblings.

Two days ago a friend called me at work and said that she was taking our Swiss student who attends our school to The Matterhorn and would I like to go with them that night. It threw me for a minute because the only matterhorn I know (besides the one in Switzerland) is a roller coaster in Disneyland and it would take an 8 hour drive from here! 

She then explained that it is a Swiss fondue restaurant in San Francisco, so of course I said yes! We had so much fun and I learned some interesting little rituals that go along with authentic fondue meals. We were told that if we dropped our bread, meat or potato off the fork and into the melted cheese we would have to sing a song, tell a joke or kiss the person next to us.  I cannot tell a good joke, cannot sing either so I told my girlfriends that they better get ready for a smooch cause that would be less embarrassing than trying to sing or tell a joke! 

But I was also SUPER CAREFUL, and did not drop any food!


  1. Sounds just like the perfect night out with friends. And thinking of your and the family during the final phase of MIL's life. She's gone home!

  2. It's so nice to have such fond memories to remind you of your MIL- you'll be pulling those up a good deal in the next few months--at least that's what happened to me when my MIL passed in June last year.

    What a wonderful night out, so glad you took the time! We should all take the time to enjoy friends!

  3. Your MIL was a gracious lady who will smile upon you from her new home.

    What a lovely evening you had. It's nice when good friends can come together.

  4. I'm so sorry, Brenda. *Hugs* As I started reading, I wondered if it was the sweet lady you'd written about, then you said it was. I know this is hard. From your description, she was a kind soul.
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  5. Looks like a terrific time. Glad you have friends like that to enjoy a night out. Life does go on.


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