Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Block Shmolck!

Every once in a while I come across a blogger who fills up their post with complaints about not know what to write about. Some call it "writer's block" others would call it a boring life. But in reality no life is boring. You may be stuck in a job that is boring or your life may be extremely routine, but there are always tiny spots of interest in every life I believe.

I have recently come across a wonderful site that you may be interested in when you get stuck in front of a blank Word doc and the blinking curser is cursing you! Go check out Creative Writing They have a page full of numbers from 1 to 346. When you move your curser over a number it will show you a one or two sentence writing idea! This could be a fun challenge to make yourself do whichever one pops up or you could pick and choose till you see something that gives you a spark!

I am now writing three separate blogs. Two, including this one, are personal and non-paying (Unless you want to count the 3 cents I have earned using Adsense.) . One of the three is a great paying venue that I am in love with! I have gushed about it here before, so I won't go into it again except to say it is called Goodblogs and it is fun and easy! I am also still writing web content for a baby product site that pays me a small amount per article. Online magazines are still being searched out and submissions have been made, but they are less fulfilling because it takes so long to hear back from them.

And yet, the words keep flowing! It's almost as if the momentum of writing more is making me want to write more! Ideas come in the night, while I am on Hubs motorcycle, while a preacher is preaching or a TV show is blaring. I can't wait to get it all down. My personal life is not terribly interesting or full of drama. Sometimes I would love a bit more drama. But that could be a dangerous wish so I won't do that!

I think that momentum has a lot to do with keeping the ideas coming. So maybe that is why the writing prompts site is a really useful tool for all of us. Open the laptop or desktop and start tapping ANYTHING! It helps somehow. Maybe it is the principle of "priming the pump."

Happy Writing!


  1. I am a fan of your writing! We think our lives are not interesting but really that is life. It is better than trauma..

  2. Better still, do your own writing prompt. Write all the letters of the alphabet down a page (not side by side, as usual). Look the letters as you write them. Don't dally, but don't rush. You'll find a word that begins with a letter. Play with it a bit, and see what happens.

    The Bear is in; 5¢ please.

  3. I stumbled in and thoroughly enjoyed your post.

    I think you are right...there is energy in momentum. Thanks for the link.

  4. I absolutely agree. If you want to write - you just need to keep looking and ideas will fall in your lap/head. I find I spend so much time on blog posts that I don't spend as much time on my book project - or I get carried away reading others blog posts... I admire your tenacity.

  5. Nancy, thanx but I don't think tenacity has kicked in yet. Social media is eating away at my writing days! Going to need to set down some big rules for myself. Wonder if I will obey myself??

  6. ....And that last comment posted by me, gave me my newest idea for another $20 post on Goodblogs! Heehee!

  7. Awesome. Yeah, I can pretty much make a blog post out of anything. Not that I haven't felt stuck before--sometimes all you need is some time to gain persective and other kinds of inspiration!

  8. I used to love to write and some of my bi-polar meds have removed that from me. I'm going to try the writing prompts site and see if that gets me going.

    Thanks for sharing,

  9. Yay, you're a Maxine fan too! My mom and I love her. :) You should write a post about Maxine!

    I could write about absolutely anything. In fact, I could just look around the house and write about almost any object I see. :) But I like to be silly and make people laugh, too.

    I love your writing...all your styles, topics, and tones! You are just splendid.


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