Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clean Jeans Will Do

Are you all getting ready for Easter?
Buying a Springy light weight dress even if it is still snowing?
Should we all buy Easter bonnets and bring them back?
How about those pretty, lacy white gloves?

I am considering wearing some lady gloves with my jeans this Sunday.
That's the only part of this outfit I miss.
What does your family do on Easter?
My little sis is much happier with her outfit that I am.


  1. Gosh, I remember those flat hats with that horrible band under the chin. I didn't like them back then, but now I wouldn't mind having one. Yes, white gloves with your jeans would look delightful. I've been keeping my eyes open for white gloves at the thrift stores and garage sales for awhile now.

  2. Oh how cute! The pic that is...I wear jeans to Church most Sunday's but I may wear dress pants this week.

  3. We don´t really dress up for Easter. That´s a Christmas thing.
    We will be in church though on Friday and Sunday.

  4. Darling pics. I'm a new follower, here from Over 40s. Come follow me!


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