Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vodka Mom just posted about getting an award that asked her to list what she has learned from her boys & it is hilarious, you must go read it...but come right back OK? Isn't she funny? She mentioned that any mom of boys could steal the award & do the same. I am wondering a 23 yr old & a 26 yr old count as "Boys"? My conclusion is if they still ACT like boys, TALK like boys & CLEAN like boys, they are still boys! Right? Right.

I have learned:

  • Boys think that if they actually go to all the trouble of picking up something in the bathroom, that counts as cleaning the bathroom.
  • Boys believe in super heroes even if they make no logical sense at all. Mutant Ninja Turtles???
  • Boys leave dirty soap behind.
  • Boys are more honest than girls. They are! They tell on themselves all the time, girls can be sneakier about their misdeeds.
  • Boys don't really need toys to have hours of fun. Sticks, rocks & a gutter can be mesmerizing.
  • Boys that really are men believe that they can iron some pants & a long sleeve shirt in about 1 minute. Actually he did, by the time I went to see if his iron had heated up enough he said he was done & had put it away!
  • Sons like hugs but usually will not initiate.
  • Sons get extremely uncomfortable with a women's tears.
  • Sons love mom's cooking even if it's not that great.
  • Sons still have messy, stinky bedrooms. (Until a wife is in the picture. ) (I hope!)

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