Monday, August 10, 2009

"One of These Things Is Not Like the Other...."

"Which of these things doesn't belong?" Do you remember that song from Sesame Street? My living room has been going through a change (while I am going thru THE change! Ha!) in the last year. I have slowly but surely discarded all my 'country" style decorations & furniture which I loved for years but I needed a change & started to be drawn to a cleaner & more open way of decorating.

This blue calico tin tray was one of my first purchases for my home over 30 years ago. For a long time it decorated my kitchen wall & then it moved off the wall & I still use it for a TV tray on the nightly rare occasions when I eat in front of the telly.
Now we have arrived at the moment I have been dreading. My beloved blue & white chair just does not belong in this room any more! I have spent countless hours in this huge nest of a chair, writing, phone chatting, praying, visiting & enjoying our fireplace on cold evenings! I did not give you a close up pic but it is extremely frayed around the edges & kind of gray where it used to be white. Let's see when did I get it? About 1994 maybe. It has led a happy & fulfilled life, but the end is near I'm afraid. When I looked into getting it re-upholstered my heart just about did a back-flip. It will cost less to totally replace it at this point. And the experience I have had with slip-covers is not where I want to go again.

We have been making these decorating changes slowly over the last year as we have the money or find a great deal on eBay or Craig's List. It feels so refreshing & invigorating to imagine different colors & textures after so many years of collecting only blue & white things. I still dearly love the deep cobalt blue & navy blues. I use them as accents against our butter yellow walls in one room & a dark brick red in another room.

The chair may go to goodwill most likely. Right now we have moved it to Rocker Son's room. No, the flowery pattern does not bother him one bit, it is already totally covered in clothes & guitars...can't see one single blossom! Now we could really sing that song! "One of these things doesn't belong!"

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