Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Big Day is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Wed. Aug whatever I am getting my
little butterfly tattoo at
5:30 pm!!!!!
I am so very excited & happy to finally be DOING IT!
At the Lingerie shower last week I chatted with a former student who is 22 & has a gorgeous, delicate flowery design between her right elbow & wrist. She asked why I was doing it & as I talked I heard myself say that the idea of something being "too late" to do just really bugs me.
(Don't you love that when you get really inspired by your OWN WORDS!?) Ha!
The thought that I, or anyone is "too old" to do something they want to do is wrong & should be fought against. Who makes those random rules anyway? OK I can understand the mini skirt rule for oldies but that's about it!
So I'm doing it!!


  1. Good luck on your Tattoo! I am 36 and just got my first on a month ago. Call it a 30 something crisis. My wife was not that impressed but I think it has grown on her. If we do not live life today then the sun will set before we get out of bed.

  2. Good for you!! I hope it's painless and fun! Post a picture when you get it done. ;)

  3. I don't like the idea that I am too old for anything! Good for you.


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