Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letter To Self

Letter to my High School Self,
Girl, you are beautiful! You have no idea do you? You spend a huge amount of energy worrying about the perfect curl & the freckles that you detest. What a sad, sad waste of time! You hate how your eyes disappear when you smile, and you are convinced that you have inherited the "family nose".

Can I give you some advice from where I am now? If you would relax & enjoy your friends & even your sister & pesky little brother, you would be having so much more fun. Freckles do not make a difference in your life, so stop putting lemon juice on your nose to fade them, they are adorable.
Who cares that your best friend has thick red hair, your fine brown hair is really kinda pretty.
Oh, and that missionary's son with the great South African accent? Step away, step away, step away!
Are you listening to me?
No you're not listening, you are convinced that I don't know what I'm talking about, right? Well, you may have a point there....because I am STILL obsessing about my/our hair. At the shocking age of 54!
Will I/we ever learn?


  1. Oh I remember those were as beautiful then as you are now...

  2. Hey! I'm hoping this comment goes through - haven't been able to get one to you in months!


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