Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lingerie Party

In a couple of hours I am off to an evening of possible extreme discomfort. But I've got to get over it, NOW, before I am sitting in a house full of 40 - 50 twenty-somethings!
I have been invited to the wedding shower for one of my former students. She is a lovely & delightful 21 year old who will be married to another former student in about 2 weeks.
That is all wonderful & I am really very happy for them & I know they are meant for each other & all that.
What I have managed to avoid until now is attending a bridal lingerie shower. I know, I know! Of course the excited & anxious young couple are going to have sex for the first time (possibly) very soon! No surprise there. just feels so weird to be kind of a third party to it, ya know? My old lady fuddy-duddiness is showing, I see that. But still, an evening of watching that sweet young thing open gift after gift of barely there jammies sounds kinda creepy to me.
I am so tempted to package up some items like the ones pictured above. I didn't though. I actually bought her a set that includes a see through garter belt with bows! I am going totally against my normal will be the only way to survive this night!

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  1. I must say I've been lucky enough to avoid a lingerie shower so far in life!! I think you should have given her some footie pajamas!!

    And thank you for your kind reassuring comment on my recent post (with my son favoring his dad). It meant a lot to me! I know he'll "come back" but I'm a little hurt nonetheless. But I guess my husband deserves this ... he's been the non-favored one longer than me!


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