Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I made her a few years ago.

I heart her a lot!


  1. My tall is she? You made her yourself? Hats off to you! If I attempted that, she would look like she was hit by a bus or something!

  2. Ah thanks Jenners,
    She is 11 inches tall & very easy to make. Of course the ceramic head & arms are bought & the rest is crinkled craft paper & whatever ribbons etc. you want to use for trim on her dress. I made 12 one year for friends. Fun!

  3. She is BEAUTIFUL! How talented!!

  4. BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE angels!
    Happy Thursday!

  5. I love angels and she's a beauty! How lucky your friends were to receive such a wonderful gift that you made! Those are always the best kinds of gifts to give and receive! Blessings to you! Lisa


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