Thursday, December 18, 2008

My First Fudge!

I am so proud of myself! I made my own fudge this year! I have always been crazy about the stuff & loved my mom's especially. ( I'll tell you a funny story about that chocolate addiction sometime.) So I've been reluctant to try it myself because I really don't like doing anything in the kitchen other than eating, visiting & drinking coffee. Do not like to cook at all! But this was so easy!

So I divided up my very first batch & took it to all 25 of my co-workers this morning! Yay for me. Some were probably hesitant to try it, remember I am the one that gets asked to bring the rolls to dinners. When I told hubs I was worried about it coming out all right, he said, "How can you go wrong with those ingredients?" But I have tasted some before that was grainy & dry so I was pleasantly surprised that these came out creamy & yummy!

Tomorrow is a Christmas party at work & we are going to play the "Pirate Game" where we get to steal each others $1 gifts!! Oh yeah!


  1. YEAH for you. I've only made it once and it was grainy---not sure what the trick is to avoid that.

  2. YUMMMMMY!!! I love fudge! Wish I worked with YOU! That pirate game sounds so fun! We do that at Bunco with bottles of wine! Some of us decide on the pretty labels alone! Congrats on a kitchen success! Good for you! Blessings, Lisa

  3. OK, I am way impressed!

    I hate to cook too!! The fudge looks good. Enjoy!

  4. Mmmmmmmm! Looks SO yummy! When I worked for Portland's schools a few years back, one of my work friends was a fantastic cook and baker. Her Christmas goodies were to die for, especially her REAL chocolate/coconut balls. I could gain 10 pounds just looking at them. Enjoy your party at work!

  5. Congrats on the good fudge! Looks good from the photo! If you are going to practice cooking anything, it should be something like fudge!

    And those type of games are so fun! The ONE thing I miss about working in an office environment!

  6. Wow! I love creamy smooth fudge! Now I'm going to have to find a recipe and try to make some! I love the candy canes...very festive wrapping!


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