Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cali Girls Don't Like to Be Cold!

After only 3 days of being cold (below 50).
I am fantasizing about this lovely moment
in Hawaii.
My hubby & I returning to shore after
some wonderful snorkeling!
I know,
I'm a weather wimp!


  1. First of all, my eyes read Call girls, when I saw on my blog list that you had a new post. LOL Oh my, I couldn't imagine what your post would be about. I LOVE snow but I'm feeling the cold more now days.

  2. Meeeeee tooo! But, I'd rather be cold than hot! We live @ 4000' in the mountains so I get lots of opportunities to be cold! YUK! I think 66 degrees is about perfect for me! If I could have that all year long, I'd be in Heaven! Lisa

  3. Snuffie,
    Oh man, I don't want it to look like it says CALL GIRLS! But on the other hand it got your attention didn't it? Is it compromising to leave it? Ha! I'm so bad!

  4. Oh my goodness, it is in the early 30s today in Jersey. Brrrrrr!

  5. I'd rather be cold than hot too, but I love the sun. I think if I could live in a place where it was sunny and warm, but not humid I'd be happy. Any suggestions!!?

    Oh and every time I put up a comment on your blog, I get an undeliverable message notice associated with your email address...not sure why.

  6. Simplicity, I don't know what that is, hope it's not happening to everyone! I disabled the email messages to me, could that be it?

  7. I'm right with you; I'm a wimp too with cold weather; here's the thing, I lived in Montana for 8 years and when we moved back to California, I called everyone wimps who complained that 60 degrees was cold; 60 in the middle of winter in Montana was a heat wave. Now 2 years later.....yep you guessed it....60 degrees is cold to this Cali girl.

    we had close to 80 degrees today and it was sooo nice :)


  8. Oooooohhhh...I want to be there!
    I'm sure you are going to get some crap about thinking it is cold because it is below 50!!!


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