Sunday, December 7, 2008

Memory Lane - One Minute Writer Prompt

The writing prompt today is about a memory. Because it is Christmas, my thoughts immediately went to one of the first memories my husband & I share together. I can so clearly see us sitting at my mother's big dining room table with little wooden ornaments spread out all over the place waiting for paint. I had ordered this seventy-five piece kit from some company by mail that came with pre -printed ornaments on thin pressed wood & little pots of paint & skinny brushes.

I was so nervous to have this tall 6' 3" boy in my home for the first time without a whole group of other friends around. He came by while I was painting & agreed to join me in this silly venture. We small talked & laughed a lot, probably mostly from nerves but he was so easy to be with & full of jokes. My mom made carmel popcorn balls. I remember he was so skinny that he was all hunched over while he carefully put paint on these goofy figures. We didn't finish them all that night, but the dozens we finished are still part of our tree each year & we smile at each other as we pull them out of the box. We had no idea over 30 years ago that we were preparing the Christmas decorations for our future tree. But we did have an idea that our evening around that table moved us from "good friends" to something a lot more.


  1. Oh my goodness this is an absolutely amazing story! Love the ornaments!

  2. Love the ornaments and especially love the story behind their creation

  3. What a sweet, romantic story! Those ornaments are precious--in more ways than one.

  4. Oh my gosh...I love this post! I love the story! You are one lucky lady! It is so funny how you never know that the smallest thing can be a such a big part of your future!

    I think I had the same kit ... perhaps smaller. They look so familiar!

  5. how cute the ornaments!! what a neat memory and so glad that you still have the ornaments all those years later to pass down to your kids!!!

    enjoy your day


  6. Well, you can add my gushing to all of your comments! Very sweet. And thank you so much for the Bombeck comment yesterday on my post. She is a favorite of mine, too. I even went to the humor writing conference at the U of Dayton produced in her name.


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